Listening skills form an essential component of IELTS.We come across many participants who are comfortable in other components of IELTS - such as reading, writing and speaking - but they feel little uncomfortable with listening. Even in general parlance, you might be knowing a number of people who read English newspaper and speak English but they cannot understand English movies or songs. It becomes of vital importanceto pay special attention esp. for Indian students who are preparing for IELTS exam because the difference in accent becomes a stumbling block for them.We use various teaching methods to help anaspirant become comfortable with the various accentsused in English language. With the training, the candidates improve their listening skills in English. With this training their comprehension becomes better while watching / listening any content in English such as movies, drama, songs, news, etc. But just that is not sufficient. Our main objective is to help an aspirant to score high band in IELTS and that is where we have created a niche for ourselves being one of the finest IELTS institutes in Tilak Nagar.

For this purpose, we focus on developing a candidate’s ability to attempt the IELTS exam style questions correctly and hence obtain good score in IELTS.Various simulated audio recordings are being used to train the participants in enhancing their English listening skills. Our experienced trainers then leverage this skill to attempt IELTS exam correctly. Some candidates who are not comfortable with the foreign accent but otherwise good in English language, in the initial attempts, fail to comprehend the language or provide correct answers. But with the continuous support of our experienced faculty they start excelling onboth - the listening skills as well as correct attemptof the IELTS exam. We offer various exam oriented exercises to the students to help them excel in listening.


These exercises may be based on a situation whereby the candidate is able to relate to some everyday social context. It may present a conversation between two speakers (for instance, a conversation about a city and its culture), or a monologue (for instance, a speech about impact of social media on children). It may present a situation whereby the candidates learn to deal with situations set in educational and training contexts. There maybe a conversation between two main speakers (for instance, a discussion between a university professor and a student), and a monologue on some academic subject.Even the practice sessions are based on the IELTS exam. The candidates are allowed to hear the recordings only once. We have a collection recordings having a range of accents, including British, American, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian.We even offer a variety of question types that are relevant for the IELTS exam and these include - multiple choice questions (MCQs), summary completion, flow-chart, matching columns, sentence completion,diagram labelling,etc. This is what makes us one of the best IELTS institutes in Tilak Nagar

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